How do I see if my child is texting after their bedtime?

To see how often a child texts late at night:

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click on the phone you would like to view in the list of phones on the left side of the screen.
  3. That phone's list entry will expand. Click on the link labeled Texts, Calls & Apps.
  4. A page showing that family member's texting activity will appear. The Late Night Hours box at the bottom of the page will show you the number of texts your child has sent after their bedtime in the past week.

If you would like to set your child's phone so they can't text or make calls late at night, make sure the button at the bottom of the Late Night Hours box is set to Locked. If it's currently showing Unlocked, click on it to set your child's phone to automatically lock at night.

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