I have concerns about what my 15 year old daughter is texting her friends about. Should I look at the content of her messages? If so, should I do it secretly, or should I be open about it?

Before you read her private communications, carefully consider your relationship with your daughter. Are you concerned enough about what she might be doing to override her privacy? Bear in mind that, according to a 2012 study from the University of Utrecht, this type of behavior – no matter how well-intentioned – was associated with “decrease[d] disclosure towards parents, more conflicts between adolescents and their parents, and a lesser quality of the parent-adolescent relationship.” If your concerns are strong enough to merit reading your daughter’s texts, be honest with her about it, as well as your concerns regarding her safety. While she may be embarrassed or angry with you, be clear about your reasons for doing so and continue to engage her in honest conversations about online communication.

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